Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple - Love and Light
Welcome to Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple

We hope you will enjoy your Spiritual Journey with us. 
For a good start of the 2012 we have now started long process of refurbishing and upgrading the Temple. To warm the Temple up we are now haviong new central heating installed and we appreciate all your support and understanding in this exciting yet messy time.
Of course, besides heating there is lots more to do, but in time, with your continous help we will refurbish whole Temple and regain it's former glory!
In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone for help and support!

Usually the 1st Saturday of the month.
If you would like to book a time slot for your reading then it would be extra help to us!
Please call Alison on 07913 788390
Mediumship Demonstrations                
Wednesday 7.30pm (admission £3)
Saturday 7.30pm (admission £3)
For the current month diary please visit our facebook page.
Divine Service
Sunday 11am

Spiritual Healing
Tuesday 6.30 - 8.30pm
Awareness Circle
Monday 7.30pm (admission £3)
Closed Circle
Thursday 7.30pm (admission by invitation only, please email us for more details)
Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple
Rochester Square
London NW1 9RY
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